What Is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross is an action-packed form of cycle racing, combining the thrills of road racing with the skills and fun of off-road riding. It’s a sport that anyone can enjoy regardless of their age or experience level.

Showreel from South Regional Champs at ShamXross in 2018

Short Intense Races: Cyclocross races are typically on short, grassy courses with the duration ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, depeding on your age category.

Skills and Thrills: Cyclocross is not just about fitness. It requires a mix of skills, including bike handling, race-craft and clearing obstacles.

Fun for all ages: Cylocross has categories for every age group. If you can ride a bike there’s a race for you.

Inclusive and Welcoming: Cylocross is known for its friendly and inclusive atmosphere, whether you’re a seasoned racer or a complete beginner.

What Bike? Cyclocross can be raced on a CX bike, grave bike, MTB or any road bike you can fit off-road tyres to.


At the Western Cyclocross League we invite cyclocross enthusiasts of all ages to join us, regardless of their experience or skill level. Our focus is on providing a friendly, inclusive environment where participants can enjoy the sport and improve their abilities.

A cyclocross bike might be the best option but there are no restrictions on gravel or mountain bikes (and we’ve had everything from folding bikes to fat bikes!)

Timing: Events are timed via chips provided by K2 Sports which are available for collection before each race.

Race Entry: Entry to races is via the British Cycling website.

Licenses: Children do not need a race license but adults will need at least a day pass to take part.

Find out more detailed information on the FAQ and Resources pages.


Cyclocross is a great community and races are a real spectacle for those not taking part, plus spectating is the perfect introduction to the sport if you are thinking about racing.

What to Bring: Prepare for British weather, bring your cowbell, get stuck in and cheer for the riders!

Special Events: Our showcase event at ShamXross hosts the South Region Championships has music on a PA, live commentary, plus food and coffee vans, and is a great option if you’re thinking of experiencing a race for the first time.


The league heavily relies on volunteers to successfully host races. If you can lend a hand, please reach out to event organisers directly.

Points for Help: Riders who choose to help out instead of competing are awarded average points.

To ensure the continuation of our races, it’s vital that riders step up, particularly during the start and end of the day to assist with course setup and takedown, especially at events in public parks. Additionally, you can volunteer to marshal either before or after your own race.


In recent years, the number of events we’ve hosted has decreased, and we’re eager to reverse this trend. If you’re considering organising an event, please get in touch with our committee members who are ready to assist and support you.


The sport truly couldn’t function without our dedicated officials. If you’re contemplating giving back to the sport or know someone who’s expressed interest, encourage them to enroll in the next training course in our region.

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